"Survival of the Fittest"

 As usual on a summer afternoon, everything happens rarely. Sitting with my computer, looking for keywords for a letter perfect (or nearly perfect; judge you). I have many thoughts; many of them are collides with one another; easy for a demon to win. As a sky, passes in front of me, quite unnoticed, the great Dick Roman. Very gallant in his suit, gives several turns and BANG! He sits beside me. I look at it, very natural; I don't give any importance to it;
- You know who I am?
- Yes! Why?
- I come to offer my help
- In What?
- I have a lot to explain, because you know who I am, so I'll go straight to the point.
I did not know whether to get up to go or listen to their drivel. Well, you know that I stayed listen to his drivel.
- You are in some trouble, I as a public servant; you know I have the solution. Just let yourself go, and everything, will walk alone. Now come with me.
- What do you know if I need help or not. And where do you want me to follow.
- Poor woman! If it shows in your face, do not leave anything hidden. Just to see you and you let yourself noticed. And let thy salvation.

Suddenly! As fall from heaven; wandered through the place; dear Sheriff Jody. She looked very quiet without her guard down, until she knew who I was speaking, she approached me, "As a soul, which bears the devil"
- Good afternoon, there is a problem, this man is bothering you
- Sheriff, Sheriff, nice to see you, so long, and has not changed at all your beauty. (Very sarcastic)
- And you remain the same, the wretched Mr. Dick Roman.
- To serve you (laughs)
I was in the middle, listening, it was like watching live full-color episode of Supernatural. "Very good to be so real"
- Well, my sheriff, was a pleasure to see you, but we were leaving.
He grabs me by the arm, while the sheriff responds
- To where you take her so fast, are you okay
- Yes, he "says" he have a solution to my problems
- What problems
- Okay! "Who questions much, and puts his nose where it does not call it loses the sense by being nosy." Come on

Jody does not like the idea, that a bloody Leviathan can solve a problem, if not putting his hand diabolical. Her intuition was to follow them and she did. Without Dick Roman, saw her following him. Dick Roman, took me to a secluded place where there was only one place to eat. That name was, "Daddy's Burger". I think if Dean was near, would eat a little of everything, ha-ha, literally speaking. Anyway, we entered the restaurant; he asked for food for me, I gestured why.
The waiter approaches, puts on the table a juicy Hamburger and a giant soda.
Dick says
- I hope you like it.
- I have no hunger
- Only one piece, try a little (a bit short)
Jody arrives and watches from outside, see what he does. Suddenly, the hamburger that was on the plate pours a blue liquid, which I did not realize, but she did. He insists that I must eat, I continue in my denial, but the smell is so strong and nice to, that anyone would eat it, but no, he was a bit annoying. Jody tries to enter, the door does not open, he realizes, looking toward the door, his face is transformed, Jody knocking on the door and shouts, I was not listening, he forces me to eat, and I get up and loose a NO resounding. He angrily grabs me by the arm trying to get rid of him, but I cannot, Jody, knocks on the door louder, I realize, I run to the door, I try to open it, I cannot, he grabs me and throws me against a table, I faint. I do not know what happened to Jody.

I wake up tied to a chair, I tried to untie me, even though I tried I could not do anything, everything was useless.
He is coming.
- I told you had the solution to your problems, but you're being difficult to me.
- What happened to Sheriff Jody
- She is fine. Where it should be
I know he was lying, but I could not do anything. It was useless again.
Jody was a bit hit just outside the room, she tries to compose and when she finally does, picks up her phone and calls the super brothers Winchester.
My weakness almost makes me fall to temptation, but doubt grew in me who this man was very well dressed and beautiful phrases that made
​​me hesitate.
Dick is in the final phase of their plan. Dick is one of the most intelligent enemies that Sam and Dean have had to face. It was not easy. But the anger that they will have to Dick for killing Bobby made
​​them stronger.

In order to defeat Dick Roman, once and for all, Sam, Dean and Jody must get three important substances, ending once and for all with the human scum. I while doing the unspeakable to be firm, but the power he had over me made ​​it more powerful in their attempts. "The mind is powerful, but the cunning of the devil was mostly powerless". While Archie fantastic, did their thing. Dick Roman made ​​me try that delicious hamburger; it was my sin, my doom.
"Little, sir, I have sinned" I ate the forbidden fruit. My value went to the feet. He was stronger than me. I just wanted that Jody was alive, and that Sam and Dean save me from the wrongdoer.
Me saying, they surprise coming through the door. Sam and Dean Fight with the Leviathan, Jody comes up to me, untied me, we run, when Dick, grabs Jody's neck with one hand and on the other hand to me. He pressed hard our necks, we choked. Deep down, I prayed to awake from this nightmare, which to my regret, I had created. Only a miracle would save us.

- Let them go, Dean yells
- Look who we have here, Dean, Dean, What do you think you will do?, shake off the dust on me; Don't make me laugh.
- The least you will do is laughing Dick Roman, says Sam
- Look who came, your DNA
- let them go or you'll regret
- If you think that, do what you gotta do I wait here.
Sam yells at Jody and me to close our eyes when Dean comes over and throws the saving substance. For my part, I begin to expel all the waste that lives in my stomach. Moreover, Dick twists and is consumed, until it vanishes, leaving a trail of black dust on the floor and environment.
The room is becoming clearer, Jody with me
- You're better
- Yes, thank you
- Of course you're right, I would say you’re like new, if you've thrown everything Dean says
We all laughed
- Now, seriously, What happened to you ask Sam
- I have been wrong. My thoughts were encountered, looking for an easy solution to my problems, I get carried away, for his nice words and I fell.
- I hope you have learned
- Of course I have learned, sometimes what we think are seriously good deeds are evil deeds, with alleged good intentions.
- Quite right
- Can we go, this place reeks of sulfur, says Jody
We looked at each other and laughed out loud.
As we were leaving that horrible place, Dean Stops looks back, Sam approaches him, puts his hand on his shoulder, Jody and I were walking to the car, talking and laughing.
When, Dean says: For you Bobby, for you.

"Survival of the fittest, is the one who hears and makes out with reasoning, overshadowing every evil thought"


"Death's Door"

Today as usual, I woke up happy, look for the clothes I was going to put it on, I got dressed. When I prepare to leave the room, I get to look at my bed, my husband sleeping, I suddenly see, a black shadow beside him and resting on him. He gets up, looks at me and asks what's wrong? I don't respond quickly, he asks again, I replied, somewhat surprised, he just says "AH".

I leave the room, making me a thousand questions, many of them unanswered. Raised my youngest daughter, has trip today, I'm thoughtful, I make my coffee, my daughter sits at the table asks: What happens to me, I did not answer, she asks again, I jump on a "Nothing".

That black shadow, remove all my senses, I have a gap I do not know how to escape, take my daughter to school, I say, "Take care, follow the teacher, all the phrases that a mother often said when a part of you will travel. “I got on the bus, back to my house is sitting beside me Bobby, cry of fright, he very funny, but seriously says," I'm so ugly "I looked at him and gestured" In seriously."

He was there to clarify all my doubts, I made ​​my stubborn disengaged. Bobby knew that I had understood every word, but never left my side. That black shadow; had Definition everyone calls him "Death's Door"
I sat at the table, prayed enough, that my daughter and my husband doesn't happen anything; uncertainty kissed me; Bobby lurking, like a mouse looking for cheese, I in my unreal world of shadow that would not let me work; I had no mind to any poem; had no mind to write any script; I had no mind to continue writing books, in short! it there, close to me and me really close to him without saying anything.
Suddenly Bobby puts his hand on my shoulder told me to remember, what he lived at his home, revived its history very similar to mine at the time, awake, I look, and I began to mourn.

"My family is my most sacred treasure, problems with my husband's daily food, cold, in the monotony of a rainy day, without saying anything"
Bobby made ​​me think, but that shadow did not leave me in peace, knock on the door; I open; there are; very perky; SAM and DEAN.

- AH! Are you

They stare, dumbfounded, Dean goes out with his

- AH! Are we

They enter to my home; I tell Bobby

- Look who came Bobby, your IDJIT

Sam and Dean; nod in confusion

- What did you say? Ask Dean

I replied softly.

- Bobby here is your IDJIT

- Hey! Bobby is dead, says SAM

- I know, but it is not, is a ghost

The fact is that I did not know why they were in my house, OK! Damn it! The black shadow, DAH!.  The forgiveness that black shadow beside my husband would not let me alone.

What can they do? Nothing! It is my dilemma.

Recalling the episode in my title, I remember I cried, I said many times, crossing my fingers, while repeating the same litany over and over "Please don't die Bobby"  
"It was all in vain, he went on a trip, with ghostly return"
Sam and Dean come close, me nervously; them with his hands on my shoulder.
- What! I say
- The shadow can be many things, not just that we all know what it means.
- That said my smart ass brother! More can be, you have over your shoulder such a burden, if not solve, the black shadow will be your best friend.
- And I am the smart ass, (nods)

- I don't wanna the black shadow.

- Daughter your problems are solvable, look at me I have no solution, "I ‘ma ghost in this earth, not eat, don't drink my beer, but instead you, you have everything".
- Bobby's true. How to make that shadow, stay away from my mind?
- Take a deep breath, feel the breeze, hear the sublime voice of your children, let it all passed, you find yourself, and then you can resolve your disagreements with your husband. The black shadow is fleeting, that depends on you.

Sam and Dean, in front of them; the black shadow; walking through the house as lord and master. Bobby looks, he knows, what is? Is silent, I don’t know why. The brothers make thousand wonders, to ward off this terrible evil, but that shadow was stronger than them, Bobby could not do anything.
I look surprised, my heroes were useless, and the shadow strolled before them like laughing in their faces, I looked at Bobby, he very still, looking, I said; "Are you going to do something?" He just looked at me, I said looking him in the face "Idjit" he smiled saying. "I accept what you say and the shadow is yours, only you have to have the guts, to say enough is enough"

While Sam and Dean did the unspeakable, I sat on the sofa made ​​a bad tear. Bobby sits beside me, still crying, SAM and DEAN, seemed to be playing with the shadow. When ... I got up and let out one thunderous shout of "ENOUGH" The Shadow and Sam and Dean stopped. I approach the shadow without fear, and said emphatically "Depart curse of the devil, I don't want you to get close to my family, you are my gap, all my torments, the sin of my thoughts; don't owe you anything; only my contempt for what I could ever have felt; go, and never come back, no blankets me; in anything; go shadow of death, you screwed home, in this world do not fit the two of us, you go, that I will stay here"
Bobby with tears in his eyes, Sam and Dean could not believe, all I had said, the shadow went round and round, creating a huge buzz, we all close our ears grew louder and suddenly "BOOM" disappeared.
The shadow is no longer haunted me, or my family was all part of me, my problems with my husband and I made
​​them huge, I created that damn black shadow, all thought to it, negative, not valuing the positive, that was much, forgetting how much I love him. The shadow I created it, without realizing it, is gone, but the question remains ...
Is it really that black shadow vanished?

SAM and DEAN left, making a thousand questions too, if they had black shadows? Only they had the answers, Bobby stayed with me, my perfect angel.
I just want to ask you a question: What do you think of the black shadow? Have you had one?

 Think about it!


"Of Grave Importance"

Sitting with a cup of coffee! I felt a huge cold on my skin did not know if it was the wind coming through the window. But no, not the wind, the cold continued, the window was closed. I walked over to the couch, grab the blanket and still continued with the cold. Suddenly a picture falls to the ground, the lights flash rapidly, my heart fluttered, hyperventilated, fear gripped me.
Listen to a voice in the distance calling me, I closed my eyes, I thought I was hallucinating, no, it was cold, the voice became clearer.

Next to me without knowing he was very stand without a word, he looked at me as he wanting to say something, only hears his voice, and I don't hear, the more sublime phrase without feeling offended "IDJIT".

Why he was there? Not know. The house was full of ghosts, secrets unrevealed. What do I have to do with it? Nothing! I thought; idiot you have to do with. We all have our ghosts, but he was the best. It’s passive, calming, unlike any evildoer spirit. I had to reveal the cobwebs of all secrets, and talk to them! Wait a minute, me talk to the CASPER!; Offer as an intermediary to their requests. I didn't want to but duty called me.

Sam and Dean, ate breakfast, Sam on his laptop, Dean with the newspaper; perfect view. And here I am lost and wrapped up in fear. How to call? The question of the thousand chavitos!.

The house begins to shake, Bobby was shouting at me and I without being able to hear him, "You ghost, Bobby! Remember I can't hear you" The windows exploded, terrifying wind, whipping around, run to my room, in front of me a ghost, a man wearing a hat in the style  "Al Capone" and long jacket in the style the angel Castiel. I screamed! Of terror, obviously no one heard me, he extended his hand, "I asked why? Only continued with his outstretched hand, Bobby was shouting at me "Don't touch it, much less holds" and I could not hear him.  

"The house was quite a noise, seemed like the mouth of hell."
I turned away, I went into my room, the house was still in its destruction, and I sat on my bed, closed my eyes for a moment, I went on a trip unpleasant, I fell into the arms of Alastair, who laughed. I was ..., I let go of him and I asked "What do you want from me?" He continued with his sarcastic laugh, he replied even more sarcastically, "you don't know yet or is that you do the disengaged" "Me stay brute, with that reply and I did not care and ran as a village whore (when the police come to arrest).
Front of me in one blow he falls and I shouted again but this time as insane, he very smiley, Bobby in my dream comes to my rescue and I could not see him, it was frustrating.

Alastair wanted me to help him that is why my house was haunted, he ordered all evil ones ghosts lurked my house. What whistle Bobby played in so evil hell? He was my angel or my executioner? I thought in a second.
Sam and Dean hear the news, the Impala out in a hurry; they arrive so gallant with a tiny smile. The first thing that comes from the mouth of Dean was: What the hell is going on here? Sam responds with, "The Haunted Mansion" Dean looks at him saying, "Seriously, Sam" Sam smiles answering "What?

They enter the house, all was blight; Bobby in front of them, Dean pulls out his flask and drinks a little, Sam looks perplexed, Dean sees Sam, he jokingly replied, "What!, Is to lose some of the tension "Sam nods, fluttering eyes, turns around, they walk, observe everything, Sam asks if anyone is in the house, I don't respond, I'm in my slumber; Dean asks the same question, "Is anyone here" but the silence was clear.

Suddenly the house trembles strongly; as earthquake, Sam and Dean fall to the ground: several high-pitched sounds ghosts haunt the brothers beat them heavy; Dean against the wall, Sam against the table; in front of them Alastair "Hello! Boys". Sam and Dean are incorporated, Dean with his perfect phrase "Son of a bitch". Alastair threatening them to leave the house, that what was happening there was not his concern.
Bobby in front of me and I trip on a journey of no return, Bobby desperate, looking for how to connect with me, but all was in vain. Bobby hyperventilate then he calms down, he remembers as a ghost can touch bottom (like seen in a movie) tries, he does, with his two hands grab me, I feel a slight pull, nothing, he slaps me; awake, but I can't see it. Hear voices coming from the living room, I walk a little, sigh surprise to see Sam and Dean beaten up, in front of them, Alastair very stationary.
"Alastair wanted me to help him find a number of reapers that roam the city escaping from him, the reapers owed ​​favors, in exchange for torturing human souls in hell. "Ruthless Man in a meat suit of a pediatrician.
Sam sees me, Alastair, also sees me, he grabs Dean by the bowels; Dean snarls, Sam is paralyzed; see Dean, who growls and screams DEAN, Alastair, screams "Come out, or I will kill them in seconds". Shout "All right" way to him, "I'm here. Don't hurt them, release them, please" Alastair releases them.

Alastair to me; "You know what you gotta do, right?" I look at the floor nervously, in tears, Bobby at my side, I feel the cold, he whispers in my ear, "I'm here by your side" Sam and Dean Uncertainty, look at me, I look at them with fear.  Bobby is revealed.

"Hi! Hunter of the Seven Seas" Alastair says to Bobby, who all look at each other and ask themselves with who the hell he was talking to? Alastair looks at us and says "It sound to you the name of Bobby, he's here, I think to help" To Bobby "You know you can't Bobby, you're one of the souls I seek." Bobby responds, "Never! You'll have me, damn spawn of hell." "Hahahaha, Alastair laughs sarcastically, "We'll see old wretch"

Sam and Dean are surprised; grab their weapons on the sly, when continuing to use them; Alastair snatches weapons from the hands, Alastair throws them against the wall; them on the floor, trying to get up, while I grabbed a paperweight very carefully; I approached him slowly, Alastair grabs me by the neck, loose the paperweight, and he squeezed me hard, I feel airless; Bobby with fury, shouting (NO), puts his hand through the heart of Alastair, while saying a spell. Alastair screams in despair saying, "Do what I told you, you damn woman or I'll shattered you, when I return for my reapers" screams as disappearing. Dean and Sam help me up.

Bobby in front of us, telling us "Idjits" smiling,  Dean calls Bobby  "I wanna see you old man, I miss you so" Bobby says with tears in his eyes "I miss you too" Sam is about to Dean, I do the same. I ask Bobby "if it was you who grabbed me strong," he answers "yes, it was me" and I could not hear him.

Suddenly before us a huge white light illuminated Bobby; us astonished and with tears in our eyes together said, "Bobby" "He looks at us with enthusiasm, all we get closer to him, giving him a huge hug.

Bobby slowly fades, disappears, leaving us embrace, we react, we parted.

Dean looks at me, explodes on the question "What the fuck Alastair wants you to do? Sam and I stared, Sam says "speak!, We are waiting" I reply and explain everything, they exchange glances, Dean with his hand on Sam's shoulder says, "You know, we have another work, save her ass, and send Alastair, back to hell". Sam, nodding smiles.

We all laughed! For quite a long time!  Until next time......


Breaking The Wall

Today I had a close encounter, with a ruthlessness that lurks me constantly, and does not let me alone.

His big eyes frightened, his lovely face, mesmerizing, his voice thick, penetrating. I told him to stay away from me, leave me in peace, but he followed me for all parties. I know what felt, Sam. 
"If I refer to Lucifer. He said; "let me in" I said; "never."

His impatience, irritated him, to the point that he grabbed me with his hands, threw me against the wall. He asked me again while I was getting up, I looked at him aggressively and yell, "NO".
He approached, ran his hand on my face, grabbed my chin, and looking into my eyes, laughed, and told me; "you will say yes, very soon". He let me go and disappeared.

I ran into the bathroom, washed my face, I jumped into my bed, I cried until I got tired. 
"A thousand times I asked God why? A thousand times I received no answer."
How sure he is that I will fall into his arms? Anyway! Where are my heroes Sam and Dean when I need them most? 
 "How to save myself?  From falling over the precipice of hell into a "YES"; when my inner, scream and wish for a "NO" answer. 
These questions, unanswered, of a truth that lies ahead.
Lucifer is my sin. Where is my salvation?
The day passed quickly, and the night came unexpectedly, I landed on my bed, I fell asleep very deep that in a blink of an eyes, he was there in my dreams, waiting very quiet. I heard dogs far away, For me, he sent the hellhounds, as a threat to get my answer. I cried desperately to a loophole end.
Lucifer before me, her hands outstretched, hoping I would say the big "yes". I responded, nodding a thousand times "NO". He stares at me knowing that I will say "YES". So he was there waiting. 

"OH! SAM! what destiny of yours. I'm here suffering the same thing".  
I can't wake up from my nightmare. He won't let me; it breaks the wall of my soul. He stopped. He awaits very calm.
What do I do? if I haven't at my side the brothers, let alone the angel Castiel. My fate is uncertain, as my strength fades to say "NO". I'm sick of suffering. 
"The quarrel of a yesterday, who returns today, seeking of what is lost, I run through the dark night of this dream without end". In front of me again Lucifer".
I gave up! Here I am, my answer is "YES".
Lucifer replied "Can't hear you, speaks louder"
I said "Stop pushing, okay! I said, "YES".
He with his passive face and his smile very sarcastic, grabs my hand, squeezed it hard and he gave me a kiss on the cheek and he said; 
"I knew you would be mine; is just a matter of time" 
I gave a look of hatred.  He smiled. Then, we fade away.  OH! poor me, I have broken the wall, I surrendered to him, if I regret or not. I'll never know.